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Featuring awesome creative work from the Netherlands isn’t anything new for CreativeFluff. Not long ago we feature the motion graphics studio Arbite and their fine work. Today we are happy to bring you awesome photography from artist Zdenek Sindelar, also known as Curious Zed. Zed is an award winning photographer whose focus on detail and imagery has helped him to create wonderful work where each piece carries its own story. One of my favorite pieces in his entire portfolio is ‘The Passion of St. Sidonius.’


The work is clearly drawing inspiration from Caravaggio’s famous painting entitled ‘St. Jerome Painting’. Zed’s version, while drawing inspiration from the original work, does not simply copy and modernize it. St. Jerome was originally depicted as to be translating the Vulgate which essentially meant turning an old piece of text into “commonly used translation”. Zed features a man doing a similar service, only his character is texting what he sees in a generic clothing magazine. Another interpretation is that he is taking a picture of the women’s heel to be used in a magazine which would then put an emphasis on global consumerism and our attachment to technology /social media.

St Sidonius Zed

This is an extremely strong portrait and I sincerely hope that Zed takes this a step further and turns it into a series of real life interpretations of Caravaggio’s works. If you like his photography as much as I did please take a look at his portfolio here, or contact him here.

More about Curious Zed:

“Zed” is now branching out into the fields of fashion and glamour photography, utilizing novel and elaborate lighting techniques—alongside natural light—to create his own signature.

His photography is displayed on numerous social media sites, while several of his images are available via name-brand stock photo agencies.

Zed was born and raised in Eastern Europe and although he currently resides in the Netherlands, the photographer has traveled the world—with camera in tow—shooting everything in sight throughout Europe, Africa and Asia.

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