Scintilla Jie Ma

Scintilla by Concept Artist Jie Ma

The Scintilla Series, created by concept artist and CGI aficionado Jie Ma, is the stuff of dreams – surreal ones at least. It’s rare that I seem an artist with complete control over not only photo-manipulation techniques, but also imaginative ideas. Each picture in the Scintilla Series takes you to an imaginary world over over-sized environments and miniature people. The people he places within his matte paintings are in sync with their surroundings – his hues, brushes, and textures all flow together and create (un)believable scenes. I shouldn’t be surprised as Jie Ma was one of the create minds behind the concept art found in Neverwinter Nights’, Olympus Has Fallen, and The Last Stand Be sure to see his work below and check out his entire portfolio.

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