Kun-I Chang

The Kooki Artwork of Kun-I Chang

Kun-I Chang, aka Sky Rabbit is an art director based in New York, known for his quirky, fun style and generally weird shit. The kookier, the better, Chang has worked on numerous projects including promos, short films and advertisements.

When he invited us to take a look at one of his recent projects, I stored it away for a better look. The Pantless Project is an animated alphabet featuring wee little aliens from Pantless Planet, a world without land. Each has a little bio with information, including their hobbies and celebrity idols. Chang invites you to write any message using his nudie friends to send to yours.

Don’t think about it, just do something cute. Head on over to give it a go – send a message and make someone’s day!

The Pantless Project: http://pantlessproject.com/
To see more of Kun-I Chang’s work, visit his site: http://www.kunichang.com/

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Zola Paulse

Zola Paulse

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