Teagan White

The Super Nice Artwork of Teagan White

“Her artwork is nice.” said Fred.

“Yes, yes it is nice.” I replied.

My high school English teachers gave us all lectures on never using the word ‘nice’. It was kind of a deal when I was a kid. “Why use nice when there are so many other words you could use?” they would say emphatically, marching up and down the narrow strip in front of our classes.


Teagan White Illustration

Teagan White is a Minnesota-based freelancer who specialises in just the nicest designs and illustrations you ever did see. She grew up in Chicago before moving to Minnesota where she studied at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design, graduating in 2012 with a BFA in Illustration. 2012? That was like, yesterday, wasn’t it? I guess that makes her an emerging artist then.

She’s doing well for herself, with quite the impressive résumé, including designs, illustrations and typographies, CD covers and promotional artworks and, recently, a newly published children’s book released by Tundra Books entitled Adventures with Barefoot Critters.

Omg her stuff is so nice. How does she do it? EVEN HER SPOOKY STUFF IS NICE.

Teagan White Illustration

Teagan’s delicate designs, organic and wistful, are easily enjoyable by all ages.

Go on. Enjoy them. Enjoy them right now.

Teagan White Illustration

Something about her muted colours and intricate, flowing designs, little floating leaves and lack of constrictive lines makes me feel particularly nostalgic. It reminds me exactly of the old annual books I used to collect as a kid. It also reminds me of wallpaper. If Teagan White started designing for wallpaper she would make bank, dag.

However, the most interesting thing that struck me when I happened upon this artist, obviously besides how NICE her artwork is, was that her art makes me think of a modern-styled William Morris. I dunno, maybe it’s just ‘cause she did birds.


Teagan White Illustration

I’m not supposed to end with an image so here are some other words that come to mind when I view Teagan White’s artwork:

  • Nice
  • gentle
  • curly
  • intricate
  • nice
  • detailed
  • warm
  • cosy
  • nice

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