Meet Oriol Vidal / Storyboard Artist and Children’s Illustrator

CreativeFluff has a monopoly on artists with fantastic names; Esther Bayer, Gabriel Picolo, and Mattias Snygg just to name a few. Joining these amazing artists with equally great names is Oriol Vidal, an illustrator born and currently based in Barcelona, Spain. Oriol has worked as a storyboard artists with agencies and animation studios; all the while being integral to the development of children’s books, character designs, and concept art. We were lucky enough to catch up with Oriol who was wonderful in giving us his time for a brief interview. Take a look and listen to the insights offered by Oriol on his creative process and advice for aspiring illustrators.

First, tell us a little about yourself. Where you’re from, where (if) you studied, what you do for a living.

Hi all! I’m from Barcelona, Spain. I have a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts by the Barcelona University. I have also made other kind of degrees specialized in animation, graphic design…
I’m currently working in two fields at the same time: Illustration and animation. I make illustrations for publishing houses and develop storyboards for animation companies.

Oriol Vidal

Tell us about your artwork? Why do you seem to illustrate with a children-oriented style?

The style I work with, depend of the client. Almost all my commercial works come from children publishers that demand this kind of style. Between those projects, I try to work with other styles, focusing in an adult/young-adult markets, creating self-promotional pieces.

Oriol Vidal

Your visual development work is most impressive; how many hours a week do you estimate that you practice drawing and sketching?

Well, if you mean how many hours I practice life drawing, I have to say that 0 hours per year ๐Ÿ™‚ I specialized in life drawing on my bachelors degree. I spent a lot of hours and years life drawing and that is something I miss a lot. Unfortunately, I don’t have many free time to do it right now.

Oriol Vidal
Take us through the process of one of your images, thought processes, technical details, etc.

First of all, I always read a few times any kind of briefing (on commercial works) or explore and chew on any personal idea to work with. I take notes, if necessary, then. After this, I usually take a lot of time “photo researching” on the web. Sometimes you can take more time doing this than working on the final piece ๐Ÿ™‚ So, for me it’s an essential part of the process. When everything is clear, I go with the first roughs, revisions and finally, the final art.

Oriol Vidal

Do you have a favourite image, or one that is special to you? Is there a portfolio piece that you would say is your best work?

I think that my latest works are always the best ones, or at least the ones that I like the most…until I make a new one.

Oriol Vidal

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