Sergey Kolesov

The Mind-Blowing Concept Art of Sergey Kolesov

As of today, the work of concept artist Sergey Kolesov has been viewed over 200,000 times with over 8,000 likes and vocal appreciations of his work. The fame is well-deserved; Kolesov’s digital artwork is some of the best I’ve ever seen. Currently based in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lyon, France, Kolesov has created conceptual work for videogames, movies, and animations. While he takes obvious cues from Western science fiction, he also incorporates ideas from the Soviet Nonconformist Art movement as well as the Russian Avant-Garde movement. These art periods can be see through his use of gritty brushstrokes, an emphasis on texture, and his ability to blend the surreal with the industrial. It’s rare to come across a concept artist so in tune with his tools, techniques, and ideas.
Sergey Kolesov
On an interesting note, Kolesov also makes Photoshop brushes as well as videos of his artistic process. CreativeFluff stands behind any artist willing to give back to the community whether it’s in the form of art classes or just simple advice for aspiring artists. I highly recommend taking a look at Kolesov’s portfolio, his blog, and his videos. Enjoy his work below and be sure to reach out to the creator!

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