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So after neglecting my duties as part of Creative Fluff, I finally decided to hunker down and write about our selected artist of the week.  Granted, this artist was selected two weeks ago (unknown to him) but it’s better late than never right?  I was pointed towards Gary Fernandez by my girlfriend who received a copy of the Computer Arts Magazine, he was the artist on the cover and that one picture was more than enough for the two of us to agree to write about him.  Fernandez, a freelance graphic artist and illustrator, was originally based in Madrid but now you will find him in the peaceful rolling hills of Vancouver Canada.  Miraculously(and lucky for us) being stuck up north hasn’t affected his artistic skills in a negative manner.  He has done a myriad of work form companies such as Coca Cola, Camel Cigarettes, and even Nokia advertisements.

Camel’s, probably the only half decent cigarette beacause when people smoke them it doesn’t event your nostrils like hellfire.  Fernandez found a deeper place in my heart by creative such stunning artwork for a decent brand name that had been dragged through the mud by years of bland branding.

Luckily commercial work isn’t the only thing that Gary Fernandez is capable of.  As seen by the opening picture and the one above, Fernandez specialises in creative surreal landscapes and juxaposting them with innovative character illustrations that resemble something from traditional Japanese art mixed with American urban street art.  The imaginative mind of Fernandez is one worth looking into.  All pictures are from his website and you can head over there from the link below:


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