Artist of the Week: Vince Fraser – Creative Illustration

That picture just makes you stop and stare.  With millions of things vying for your attention all at once, you soon find that the confusion creates a level of excitement that completes the piece.  The above picture is entitled “My London”; aptly put when you take into consideration the volumes of pop culture that London spits out every year.  Remember the punk fad in America?  Well they’re the ones we got it from back when the middle-class wasn’t too happy about the establishment.

But I digress; the piece is done by the artist Vince Fraser, a 37 year old London based digital artist with huge roots in 1970’s pop culture.  On closer inspection of the vibrant piece you can find major symbols used in London’s pop art; that is to say commercial symbols taken out of context and recontextualized into art.  The double-decker bus, the yasar-arafat scarf, the buggy car, and more if you take the time to see for yourself.  The most interesting part of this work, and as you’ll find throughout the rest of the pictures I’m going to post, is the heavily laden afro-centric themes of the funk period.  I don’t know how big Funk was in London, but he manages to capture it with such skill that even my father and his afro would enjoy it.  Below are other images by Fraser.

If you want to see more of his work you should check out his website: where you can find his myspace if you ever want to get in contact with him.  I wish that I could get the chance to collaborate on a project with him.  And in Fraser’s own words: “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others”.

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